At VirtualSoft, rich media content development takes on a creative flavor. The disciplines of copy and art enter the equation.

Computer Based Presentations (CBPs) and Computer Based Training Modules (CBTs) are interactive CD-ROMs packed with action. Video, audio, 2D/3D animation and text add dimension, depth and motion to the message, creating a rich viewer experience. VirtualSoft's expertise lies in the entire development of CBPs and CBTs, from the thematic concept to compilation.

Electronics Reference Manuals (ERMs) transform sprawling and disorderly corporate archives into an intelligent corporate resource . Annuals Reports, presentations, design manuals, training manuals, minutes of meetings, company rules, employee records and customer profiles can all be compressed into digital data for instant distribution via
CD-ROMs, DVDs, the internet, the intranet and extranet.

E-books combine text with rich graphics and multimedia . The format enriches corporate manuals, product demonstrations and even children's stories.