VirtualSoft transforms your information rich company into a knowledge-based corporation. When that happens, indexed information in rich media formats flows through various offline and online tributaries. Empowering customers, employees, vendors and investors with knowledge-on-demand.


What can VirtualSoft do for you?
  • Rich Media Content Creation
    Computer Based Presentations
    Computer Based Training Modules
    Electronic Reference Manuals
    Broadband Websites/Portals
  • Media Commerce
    Digital Asset Management
    Internet Delivery
    Live Webcasting
    On-demand Webcasting
    Enterprise Application Integration
    Content/Application Development
    SCM, CRM
    Virtual Universities
  • Solutions for Business Enterprises
    Web Based Training Solutions
    Web Based Seminar Solutions
    Web Based Corporate Communications Solutions
  • For Institutions of Education
    Web Based Learning Solutions
    Rich Media Content Creation
  • For the Entertainment Industry
    Digital Post-Production Services for the Web
    Digital Media Consultancy
    Interactive Broadband Rich Media Commerce Solutions
  • For Media Houses
    Digital Knowledge Management
    Web Based Information Delivery
    Rich Media Content Creation