Rich Media Content Creation
At VirtualSoft, the technical function of content development takes on a creative flavour. Content Presentation enters the equation through the disciplines of copy and art.
Computer Based VirtualPresentations (CBP):
Print catalogues and corporate profiles present content in static form. In sharp contrast, VirtualPresentations are far more graphic. Men and machines come to life. Video, audio, animation and text add dimension, depth and motion to the message, creating a rich viewer experience. VirtualSoft's expertise lies in the entire development of a CBP, from the thematic concept to compilation.
Computer Based VirtualTraining Modules (CBT):
A print manual lacks the power of demonstration. A VirtualTraining Module doesn't. Videos clips show processes and procedures in graphic detail. These sections are supported by 2-D and 3-D animation and multilingual audio. VirtualTraining Modules are interactive. They promote participation, reduce training costs, raise retention levels and standardise course delivery. Updates cost very little.
Electronic Reference VirtualManuals (ERM):
Paper documents are looked upon as symbols of inefficiency. They bury information. They occupy valuable space. They raise unnecessary distribution costs. Which is why the conversion of paper documents in electronic reference manuals makes sense. Using Adobe Systems, VirtualManuals transform sprawling and disorderly corporate archives into an intelligent corporate resource. Annual Reports, presentations design manuals, training manuals, minutes of meetings, company rules, employee records and customer profiles can all be compressed into digital data for instant distribution via CD-ROMs, the internet, the intranet and extranet.
Virtual e-books:
Take, for instance, recipe books. Print versions are a bland mix of text and static photographs. But with the addition of multimedia, they bring to the table the flavour of cooking demonstrations. The viewer can be shown the entire cooking process. The capsule adds both colour and clarity to the communication. Virtual e-books are recommended for coaching and maintenance manuals, do-it-yourself packages and children's books.
Digital Conversion Formats:
Text: Paper to TXT, DOC, HTML, PDF and XML. Or from one digital format to another. Images: Printed images to gif, jpg, bmp, tif and pcx. Or from one digital format to another. Sound/Music/Voice: From analog to WAV, MP3 and Real Audio. Or from one digital format to another. Video: Analog to MOV, AVI, MPG, Real Video, Windows Media Player and Quick Time. Or from one digital format to another.