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VirtualSoft, the e-wings of information, took off in 1998, piloted by experts in rich media content development, delivery and management. Their objective? To create customised solutions that cut costs, build revenue, raise productivity and mobilise intellectual capital across your enterprise.
The e-wings of information build rich media assets of everlasting value
Chances are your company is rich in knowledge, information and experience. Yet, these assets lie scattered and unmarked.

VirtualSoft - the Digital Media Consultancy - converts this vast body of valuable material into usable knowledge resources across the length and breadth of your company.

VirtualSoft transforms conventional business, learning, entertainment and media enterprises into rich media digital corporations.

VirtualSoft uses the technologies of the day to set up the infrastructure needed for streaming interactive rich media content over the internet, intranet or extranet. A propreitary system called vCode guarantees clarity and seamless delivery of audio, video and multimedia files across both narrowband and broadband networks.

Our Team


Gokul Tandan

Founder and Managing Director


Rajendra V. Kulkarni

Co-Founder and Director


Harpal Shah Singh

Associate Vice President

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